At Crane-n-Carry, our Crane Truck Services offer some of the largest crane trucks for hire in Brisbane and South East Queensland, with the cranes lifting up to 9 Tonne.

Crane-n-Carry specialise in local and interstate loading and transport with our fleet of vehicle loading cranes and truck and forklift. We can move just about anything from small loads to oversize loads. We can even organise your escort or highway pilot for those oversized loads.

Crane Truck Hire Brisbane

Our Crane Truck Services can lift, shift and move just about anything.

We pride ourselves on offering services at fair and reasonable prices.

To do so we offer hourly set rates that are charged in 15 min increments.

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Red Crane Truck Hire Brisbane

Crane Truck Services specialise in the following areas:

  • Scaffolding
  • Concrete (cement) water tanks
  • Concrete (cement) barriers & plastic barriers
  • Generators
  • Communication Shelters
  • Switchboards
  • Signs or Signage
  • Tiles & Pavers
  • Turf
  • Formwork
  • Bricks
  • Gas tanks
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Sculptures
  • Tree Transplanting
  • Pipes


Concrete Tanks

Crane-N-Carry Truck Hire Brisbane - Tank

Crane-n-Carry specialise in the transportation and installation of concrete (cement) tanks. We can also offer warehousing and distribution services. Just try us we can become an effective and efficient supply chain by storing, delivering and installing your concrete tanks.


Warehouse & Distribution

Crane Truck Brisbane

Crane-n-Carry also offer warehousing and distribution services. Just ask our friendly staff for more information. We could be the storage solution for intersate movements of generators, industrial air-conditioning systems, concrete tanks, communication shelters etc.

Concrete Barrier Walls

cemen concrete barriers move

Crane-n-Carry can save your business time and money by our efficient and effective lift and move strategy of your concrete (cement) or plastic barrier walls.


Generators Move Truck Hire Brisbane

Crane-n-Carry have been moving Generators for the last five years delivery to all parts of Queensland and New South Wales. On board with our trusted & talented team we can get your generators to any location.



Move Scaffold Brisbane - Crane-N-Carry

Crane-n-Carry have a large fleet with a mixture of small and large vehicle loading cranes and all terrain forklifts for all your scaffolding needs.

Communication Shelters

Communication Shelters Huts Crane Truck Hire Brisbane

Crane-n-Carry currently specialise in warehousing and transporting communication shelters for all the major networks. We work in teams with other organisations to get those items installed into difficult to reach locations and also to remote areas.


Piping Crane Trucks Hire Brisbane

Crane-n-Carry have transported all sizes and have the equipment to cater for any load no matter how big or small.



Signs Signage move Brisbane Hire Truck

The team at Crane-n-Carry can handle your signage movements when you choose to relocate. We have an experienced and educated team and will send only the best for your signs.

Dangerous Goods (DG)

Move Dangerous Goods Brisbane - Truck Hire

Crane-n-Carry are dedicated to safety. We are the preferred carrier for the major gas energy companies. We work with them to assist in installations and removals of LPG Gas Tanks.

Delicate Jobs

Brisbane Town Hall Delicate Crane Trucks Hire

Crane-n-Carry have a professional experienced team for those delicate transport jobs. We were hired to delicately move the Brisbane City Hall Willis Pipe Organ so it could be protected whilst the hall was undertaking restorations.

Hard to Reach Spots

Crane Truck Hire Brisbane

For those hard to reach areas on site we have state of the art equipment and a professionally trained operators who know how to navigate sites too tight. Leave your transport with us and Crane-n-Carry will make it happen.

Oversize or Overdimensional Jobs

Crane with Dog Trailer Hire Brisbane

Take the trouble out of those oversize jobs and have us organise your escort vehicles and pilots no matter how high or wide. Crane-n-Carry have extensive knowledge and experience on high loads as well as wide loads.


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